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Our Team

we are a team of experienced professionals with a diverse mix of business and technical backgrounds; Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, investors and freelancers.    We know first-hand how to overcome the problems and pitfalls of launching and building a successful, viable business.

Our Location

we're located in the heart of a growing entrepreneurial hub in the Kansas City Crossroads District at 1906 Wyandotte, Kansas City Missouri



At 18out we are passionate in our belief that service inspires creativity and uncovers innovative new ways to meet the demands of the market. 


Leveraging the experiences and knowledge gained from multiple successful startup ventures and guided by input from you, the 18out team has developed the first release of a practical Service First solution to launch and promote the growth of service businesses.


Service First offers a unique blend of iterative assessment, activation, and acceleration approaches to help startups – at any stage - understand the needs of the market, find a channel to their customers, get connected to the right strategic advisors, and supplement key resources and personnel to optimize their business.  



Connect With Us

18out is all about collaboration and that does not end with our team.  We want to hear about your challenges, concerns and ideas.    


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