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What startups told us.


Difficulty assessing and validating market demand

Many startups don't know where to begin.  How do you verify that there is a reachable customer who finds your solution valuable?


Difficulty building or expanding channels to the end-customer

The customer is out there, but how do you engage them?  How do you get attention and convince people that you can solve their problem?  



Lack of meaningful strategic/advisory guidance

Workshops, books and white papers abound.  How do you expand your team and capabilities to get the right guidance and action at the right time?



Day to day operational and administrative work detracts from focusing on core business

Keeping up with the business of business is critical.  How do you balance building and delivering with keeping the lights on?

We conducted interviews, surveys and research to discover the top "PAINS" that startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers encounter.

We conducted interviews and research to understand the investor perspective on identifying good investment opportunities and reducing startup risk.


What investors told us.


Startup scalability

Investors want to see a plan for revenue growth that outpaces and is not tightly coupled to costs.  


Business team coachability and experience

Investors are looking at you and your team.  Can you act on feedback and are you willing to change, stretch and grow?  Do you seek out and surround yourself with experienced advisors?


Understand need to focus

Investors want to see that you are pivoting with purpose and direction.


Prototype and beta customers

Investors want proof that you can deliver value to an interested and engaged audience.


Realistic business plan with viable exit strategy

Investors want to know that you have given thought to where you are going and where you want to be.

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